Holiday shopping on the RI Arsenal


It is just one of the perks of being an active-duty military member or veteran. You are apart of the exclusive club that can shop at the commissary. In this week’s edition of Rock Island Arsenal: Inside the Gates, Local 4’s Emily Scarlett shows us what makes this shopping experience different from all the rest.

Commissary officer, Rachelle Davidson, tells Local 4 News, “We average about 30% savings for the whole basket.”
The commissary offers a lot more than just a great bargain.
“It’s a group effort. Our staff here is amazing, everybody works together,” says grocery manager, Penny Callison.
They also have a holiday room. 
“Anything you need for your holiday event, whether is be vegetables, stuffing. Anything you need to create your holiday meal is in this room,” says Callison.
It offers your holiday staples, and some hidden gems from around the world.
Callison says, “We have certain vendors that supply the international chocolates, and cookies, and candies from overseas which a lot of our active duty and vets have come to appreciate when they come here every year.”
The items are going fast, but, this is no ordinary holiday shopping experience.
“This is more of an atmosphere. It’s not just to sell groceries,” says Davidson.
It is said one of the best parts of that experience comes at the very end.
Callison tells Local 4, “They work for tips only, but they could tell you the names of every single one of our customers.”
They may only work for tips, but they are doing a lot more that just bagging your grocery items.
“They bring dog treats for the puppies, they bring candy bars for the little kids.”

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