Hope Creek’s advisory board president resigns


The turmoil continues at Hope Creek as the nursing home’s advisory board president resigns.

Jessey Hullon, who has been the president since the board was created in 2016, resigned today. 

Hullon told Local 4 News there are two main issues with the advisory board. 

The first is that it doesn’t have any legislative power because that belongs to the elected officials on the county board. 

The second is that Hullon said there’s no communication between the advisory board and county officials or the county board. 

Hullon said any time there’s been a problem at Hope Creek he’s found out about it in the news.

“When a board becomes ineffective, when a board doesn’t hear any information from the administrators’ offices, why have a board?” Hullon said.

Hullon told Local 4 News that the county board should dissolve Hope Creek’s advisory board. 

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