How you can help Veterans through Helmets of Hope


Question 1: Your church’s ministry to veterans is called Helmets of 
Hope. What is Helmets of Hope and how does it serve veterans?
      —- Helmets of Hope provides essential household supplies such as 
cleaners and laundry products to veterans who move off the streets and 
into housing of their own with the help of VA housing subsidies.

Question 2: How long have you been in operation and how did you get started?
     —- About four years ago we learned that there were veterans 
moving out of homelessness, but without a source for basic household 
supplies. That information basically gave birth to Helmets of Hope, and 
we made our first supply deliveries in December 2015.

Question 3: Tell us about your operation.
         —- We work with three partner agencies – two in the Quad 
Cities and one in central Illinois – to provide supplies to veterans 
[COUNTIES SERVED SLIDE] in a 36 county area.  We provide supplies in two 
formats – in 20-item collections we call move-in kits, basically, one of 
every item we provide; and in cases of product which our partners use to 
give refills as the vets they serve run out. Our partners contact us, 
tell us what they need, and then we deliver.

Question 4: So what have you been able to accomplish in the last three 
plus years?
         —- Working with three partner agencies, [SUMMARY SLIDE] we’ve 
made 76 supply deliveries, which have provided nearly 16,000 items to 
more than 400 veterans moving off the streets. 

Question 5: And you have a fundraiser coming up near the end of the month.
         —- Yes. We’re a very small church and so Helmets of Hope 
operates solely on the basis of donations and fundraisers, our next one 
of which will be a scavenger hunt for adults on [BASIC INFO SLIDE] 
Saturday, April 27, starting at 6:00 p.m.  Four person teams will meet 
at our church on 7th St in East Moline, receive a list of possible 
objectives for them to accomplish – items to collect or settings in 
which to take team pictures.  Then two hours later, they’ll come back to 
the church to show us the items or pictures they took, receive points 
for each completed objective, and we’ll announce the winning team. In 
addition, we’ll have some gift baskets to raffle off, and all proceeds 
will support our Helmets ministry. One important detail – no 
reservations are needed!

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