Hundreds walk out at Moline High School

Students said they're seeking gun and mental health reform

Moline, Illinois -  


Hundreds of students walked out of Moline High School, leaving the front doors and making their way here to the baseball fields along 41st street.

They said by doing so, they’re hoping to spread their message to a broader audience about the needs for changes when it comes to gun legislation and mental health.

Chanting for change and hoping the cars driving by will hear them.
Walkout Organizer Anna Riggins said, “I hope that they see that we care, as students and since a lot of us are minors, it is their job to vote and encourage legislation to change the laws that are currently in place.”

Moline junior Anna Riggins organized and led the walkout and rally, taking a moment of silence for the 17 killed in last month’s Parkland Florida shooting, hoping to make it the last.

"This was a nationwide event, so I really hope that Congress takes action now to find a solution not only for gun reform but mental health reform. Making sure that there are good mental health services in schools," said Riggins.

She added, “Doing nothing is going to solve nothing, and we’ve been doing nothing for many years, and there’s still school shootings, and it’s heartbreaking.”

She said to reach a solution, the walkout is just one of the steps.

“I hope that this is a movement and not a moment,” Riggins said. 

Riggins said that students did receive support from the administration for the walkout, allowing them to take these steps without being penalized.

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