Hundreds show support at Miles for Mollie run


Hundreds today showed up at the Veteran’s Park in Bettendorf in support of Mollie Tibbetts.
Many of them say the disappearance of the young girl struck a cord.    

” As a a runner.. i run alone a lot. And so she’s in a small community and so.. she was doing what she loved and its what we all love and is why and that’s why we all came together today…”

Runners like Jaima Clark, joined forces today to honor the life of a former runner, Mollie Tibbetts.
She disappeared more than a month ago while going on a run. Authorities later found her body in a cornfield. But Clark wants runners to remember one thing.

 “We can be aware, we can be cautious we can take care to keep ourselves save as much as we can but i’m not gonna stop doing what i love, out of fear.”

 Safety was a big topic today. Each runner received these  little tracking devices that makes safety easier for runners.

The tracking device known as Wearsafe can be easily clipped on to a  shirt or pant.
You can select your own emergency contacts in the device which is paired with a free app. When in times of danger, just click the button and it will sends texts to the contacts through the app. The tracker proved to be a major success.

 “I think people are gonna be a little more ept to cautious of their surroundings and ways to be safe,” says Michelle Burken, spokesperson for Fleet Feet.

Runners from the community helped in anyway they could. Runner like Joe who created a sign that was the main attraction of the run.

 “I saw it on Facebook, the hashtag miles for Mollie and so you know i just made a sign and it took off,” says Joe Marino, runner.

Despite the heat, the runners kept a big smile on their face, remembering one of their own.

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