A 12-year-old girl is sharing her story after being shot in front of her home in Davenport. 

It’s continuing coverage of a story you’ll only find here on Local 4 News. 

Tanyah is one of the two 12-year-old girls recovering from gunshot wounds today. It happened just after 10 on Monday night.

Both of them were standing outside on Pershing Avenue when the gunman drove by and opened fire. Tanyah told Local 4 News she hopes police find who did it.

At just 12 years old Tanyah knows what it’s like to be shot — and to see her best friend get shot right in front of her.

Today she says it’s something she’ll never forget. 

Instead of seeing kids outside enjoying the start of summer vacation, Pershing Avenue is quiet today.

“It’s like our freedom has been taken,” Tanyah said.

And you definitely won’t see Tanyah outside anytime soon.

“Usually I’m always outside but I don’t want to be outside anymore.”

One minute the young girl was looking right at the gunman…

“He had got out the window and he had pointed his gun. He stood there for like four to three seconds and I looked at him.” 

… the next, surrounded by her own family, shot in front of her home.

“I didn’t realize I got shot once I crawled across to the other side, and that’s when Sheila — she collapsed on the ground and then we were just laying there and then she said that she got shot, so I saw her shot and I looked down on my arm and realized I got shot.”  

Today, Tyona Baylor can’t help but watch every car that drives down their block, worried another child will get hurt — or worse — by senseless gun violence.

“The ‘what-if’s’ are definitely killing me,” Tyona said. “I’m really angry that it happened to my kid, somebody that I love, but I just hope that it stops in general. I don’t want nobody else to get hurt.” 

While Tanyah and her friend are expected to make a full recovery, she says the memory of that moment will never go away. 

“It’s kind of sad but I’m kind of mad at the same time,” Tanyah said. 

And now she hopes soon, they catch those who changed her life forever.

“I just hope they find the person that did this.”

Tanyah will have to keep a bandage on her arm for a few weeks and is expected to be okay after that.

However, she says this incident has ruined summer vacation for her friend, who was released from Iowa City today and will have to spend her break recovering and going through physical therapy.

Davenport Police are urging anyone with information leading to an arrest in this case to come forward.