“I have a higher probability beating Donald Trump than anybody else,” says John Hickenlooper


John Hickenlooper makes his stop in Clinton at this local cafe shop on his first trip to Iowa after announcing for presidency.Talking health care and the Green New Deal. “

“The only reason im running is because i think i have a higher probability beating Donald Trump than anybody else,” says Hickenlooper.

To a semi-packed crowed in Clinton, Iowa’s 392 Cafe, the former governor of Colorado says his experience in his governership for eight years and the accoplishments he’s done for the state- will get him the ticket straight to dueling it out with President Trump.
One of the big topics today, healthcare.

“I think as democrats our emphasis should be on you know universal coverage.”

Hickenlooper says he does support the principle of universal health care but does not believe in the elimination of private insurance companies. When it comes to climate change, the former geologist says he appreciates the urgency of the green new deal, but does support the controversial process of hydraulic fracturing.

“I would argue that we our record of aggresively addressing climate change is as good if not better than anybody’s,” says Hickenlooper.

During his governership, he signed an executive order for methane regulation. He also closed two coal plants, replacing them with wind, solar and batteries. 
 One college student who attended the meet and greet says he liked what he heard today.

“I like how he’s more centrist and looking to kind of compromise and reach out to those across the aisle and those who differ politically,” says college student Matthew Current.

Hickenlooper ended his Iowa trip in Cedar Rapids.


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