Ice skating rink outside leads shoppers to stock up on salt and ready for spring


Rain, sleet and snow followed by bitter cold and blustery winds are making life rough in the Quad Cities.

Any place not well salted is quickly turning into an ice skating rink.

It was a steady stream of customers at Handy True Value Hardware in Rock Island as they stocked up on salt, ice melt and the supplies to battle the slick and slippery mess.

It’s some heavy lifting outside Handy True Value Hardware to avoid falling on the back as shoppers check out the must-have for this latest winter storm.

Customer George Dixon said, “Salt. I’m going to purchase about three bags of salt for this icy mess we’re going to have.”

This is just the latest trip for George Dixon.

Dixon said, “Running out of salt, a lot of places.”

It’s the second time this week accumulating ice has caused some extra caution for where people are stepping and making for some dangerous conditions.

Dixon said, “It’s been pretty bad. When you come out of the door and your steps. You got to make sure you put a lot of salt on there cause the ice builds up pretty quick.”

To help melt it all way, it’s been good business for Handy. 

Bob Votroubek – Owner Handy True Value Hardware “The sales. Just being able to solve customers problems.”

It has staff inside Handy True Value forecasting days in advance.

Bob Votroubek, the owner of Handy True Value Hardware, said,  “In order to get product, were seven to ten days out almost always.”

Pallets of salt and ice melt fresh off the semi and going fast.
But preparing for this latest mixed bag from Mother Nature involved a little bit of last-minute hustle before the worst comes. 

Votroubek said, “Some people are just kind of frazzled.”

Dixon is now hoping his next visit here will be for another purpose.

Dixon said, “Yes, I’m ready for spring. I’m ready to plant a garden.”

Local 4 News also reached out to some public works departments who are also putting down the salt.

The City of Rock Island told Local 4 they are well stocked right now with 1200 tons on site and another 500 ordered.

For the season it will be 2300 tons of their 2700 ton budget. 

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