IL state lawmakers vote on tax hike


Still no state budget in Illinois.

Democrat and Republican lawmakers got together in Springfield for another day of budget talks.

Two years and two days, and still no budget in Illinois.

House republican leader Jim Durkin accused Speaker Michael Madigan of filing changes with just 15 minutes notice, putting any hope of a budget even farther out of reach.

Quiet tension filled the House chamber as frustrated Republicans were tight lipped about whether or not they would vote for a permanent tax increase.

Democrats, like Will Davis, who support the permanent income tax hike up to five percent argue it would protect the state from falling into fiscal ruin and guard against a surging pile of unpaid bills.

“If we’re successful this time, I can guarantee you there won’t be an appetite to do it again for not in my lifetime probably,” said Rep. Will Davis, D-Hazel Crest.

“I would say it is a setback in the negotiations and the reforms and bringing an end to this impasse,” said Leader Jim Durkin R-Burr Ridge.

With credit ratings agencies on the verge of downgrading Illinois’ credit to junk, and a full budget plan still nowhere in sight…

Lawmakers and voters are starting to wonder whether a deadline is really a deadline at all.

Ten Republicans joined house Democrats to pass a trial run of that permanent tax increase. 

It fell six votes short of a veto-proof majority.  

However, the Senate is scheduled to return to Springfield Monday. 

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