Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner is being sued by dozens of social service providers. They filed a lawsuit in Cook County Court asking for more than $100 million they claim they’re rightfully owed. Local 4’s Emilee Fannon reports why they say they’re owed the money.
“We signed legitimate contracts we’ve done our part by providing services now it’s time for the state to do its part,” said Andrea Durbin, Chairman of the Pay Now Illinois coalition.
Hundreds of social service providers are scrambling for funds.
“Delivering services for over 300 days without seeing a dime and when the whole world knows you can’t pay your bills who would even want to come here to do business,” said Durbin.
Durbin started the Pay Now Illinois coalition. Numerous providers are now working together.
The group is made up of 64 social service providers who say enough is enough. One republican lawmaker agrees these payments are long overdue.
“The responsible thing for the speaker would’ve been to do is put the bill up for a vote it would’ve passed overwhelmingly in the house it would’ve gone to the governor he would’ve signed it there would be a lawsuit right now,” said Sen. Dale Righter, (R) Mattoon.
But that bill was never called. And with only weeks left in the session lawmakers are working against the clock.
And providers like Polly Poskins who works for the Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault says funds are almost out.  
“Were in month 11 and 45% of your funding base has not been available to you … We’re running out,” said Poskins.
Races in Urbana will lay off staff at the end of the month if funding is not there. 
“That’s the rape crisis center and the largest university in our state one of the most significant universities in the nation,” added Poskins.
Poskins says tension is on the rise.
“A lot of hurt a lot of pain a lot of anger and a lot of frustration at the states inability to honor its contracts,” said Poskins.