Illinois hairdressers required to know latest style and identify domestic abuse


This year more than 80,000 cosmetologist in the state will be updating their licenses but to do so they must take an hour class about domestic abuse.

This Illinois law was enacted in 2017 and with the rising numbers in domestic abuse reports, a local cosmetologist says its a necessity.

Nicole Crouse has been a cosmetologist for nearly 19 years. Understanding that keeping a close relationship with a client is the key to success.

“You really have to be very open to hearing what they have to tell you on all aspects of their life.”

From what they want done to their hair to what they go through in their private life, sometimes involving domestic abuse.

“I personally have had issues where i’ve had customers come to me and just want to vent and you know ask for advice,” shares Crouse.

From the warning signs, to how to respond, and more importantly, how to listen.
That’s what all stylists learn in the hour long class.

Family Resources in the Quad Cities, responsible for instructing the class, say they’ve seen an increase in the clients they serve. In 2017 they saw 636 and in 2018, 688. They say it could make a big difference in a victim’s life. The CEO of Vera French agrees.

“I think education is good for everyone. And especially education that helps people be better responders, better listeners, more helpful and effective helpers,” says Richard Whitaker.

Crouse took the course two years ago and says she believes it should be implemented in other industries.

“I do think that it’s important that all you know hands-on careers have the knowledge the one-hour class is very helpful.”

She says this not only allows her to make her clients feel good on the outside but on the inside too.

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