‘I’m speechless’: Local woman gets $10,000 gift


A local entrepreneur got a whopping surprise from a Quad Cities group. 

Gale Griffith wants to open a work space for women in the area who need it.

She got a $10,000 gift toward that goal tonight.

“You put all your time and a lot of money into things and you don’t expect it to give back to you that fast, but it did,” she says. 

The Sherrard woman wants to open up the space called “Vecina” at 1504 13th Avenue in Moline.

“In spanish, [it means] ‘neighbor: female.’ This is a workspace to come together to have their ideas in one space, a very friendly neighborhood,” Griffith says.

It’s a journey that strikes a chord with the Royal Neighbors Foundation.

“Provide financial education and opportunities to women and our theme has always been around female empowerment,” says Mary Staver, president of the Royal Neighbors Foundation.

Along with webinars on things like how to budget and negotiate, the public charity also offers scholarships and grants. 

Griffith is the recipient of this year’s Know Your Worth grant.

“Everybody does something different in my group and they all have great ideas and a big support group and that’s what a lot of people don’t have. And we’re hoping some of our ideas can help some other people,” she says. 

For Staver, it’s a type of empowerment she could’ve used at one point in her life.

“I had to kind of navigate on my own through that quagmire… Getting divorced and having to work through some financial issues on my own,” Staver says. 

Now, she’s glad to be a part of a grant that gives back in more ways than one.

“The human spirit is not to be reckoned with. The hope and the energy that comes out of some of these folks’ minds… It’s inspiring, actually,” she says.  

“Women helping women do their thing,” Griffith says.

Staver says once they secure donors, she hopes to expand the foundation by offering more grants in the future and even microlending for women looking to start up businesses from home.

You can find out more about the foundation by clicking here.

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