Investigation continues at Maple Ridge apartments

Local 4 news exclusive uncovers rodent droppings, mold, holes and more in homes

Dominique Struble has only lived in her new home for 11 days. 

"The carpet, it's not attached in so many places. There's burns everywhere. It feels grimey," said Struble.

In a Local 4 News exclusive Thursday night we took a look at unexplained eviction notices tenants at Maple Ridge apartment complexes received late Wednesday afternoon. They say they were billed for hundreds and even thousands without an explanation. 

Rodent droppings, gaping holes in the walls, mold crawling up the ceilings and more were found upon taking a closer look at apartments at Maple Ridge.  

Shakayla Anderson says she's been fighting with management to have sewage removed from her home. She says after numerous complaints she turned to the City of Rock Island for help. She says even though management removed some of the damage, there is still mold in the walls. 

"They tore up my carpet because I had fece water flowing into my house," said Anderson. 

Some tenants at Maple Ridge apartment complex says they've had enough. Delores Padraza says she has a serious rodent problem and has had little response from management. 

"The problem has never changed I'm always complaining, complaining, complaining," said Padraza. 

Local 4 News reached out to Maple Ridge management, who said they've hired local contractors to resolve some of the issues. They say when individual situations are brought to their attention, they address them as needed. 

"They told me me and my daughter could stay in the house that had mold in it," said Anderson. "They say that we could stay in here with the fece water on the floor, until they came and cleaned it up in the morning." 

Padraza says large holes throughout her apartment have turned her home into a rodent motel. 

"I couldn't even sleep at night," said Padraza. "I could hear them running, scratching, squealing, I would come home and there's just dead mice on my floor."

Padraza says management has filled the holes with insulation foam but the rodents eat through it. She says it will take more than that to patch up this problem. She says the rodents pose a serious health problem for her two young daughters. 

"It's very scary because those rodents, they carry TB, diseases, and if they get scratched, bit, they could get very sick and possibly die," said Padraza. 

Delores isn't the only one saying more needs to be done. 

"I appreciate my apartment, but there is some fixing up to do, and cleaning, that needs to be done further than what I can do," said Struble.

"It's very stressful. It's just like what do you do?" said Anderson. 

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