Iowa could soon join the list of 19 states in the US that don’t require a front license plate. A proposed bill would change the rules so only a rear plate is required. It’s something that Todd Hopkins, from Lexus of the Quad Cities, says would significantly help his business.
“If we actually put the front license plate on it and the other dealer, if we have to give it to them, like an Indiana dealer, they don’t want it on there… It makes it impossible for us to trade,” said Hopkins, Lujack Lexus General Manager.
If the bills gets passed, the Iowa Department of Transportation would save about $500,000 a year. Supporters of the bill argue that the front license plate isn’t needed and the money could be better used somewhere else.
Dealers say that most modern and luxury cars don’t come standard with front license plate holders and customers don’t want to have to drill holes in their brand new cars.
“You take the front end of the vehicles these days, it’s got a great look to it, and you put that big old plate on the front, people aren’t quite as happy with it,” said Hopkins. 
Some police in Iowa say no front license plates would make it harder for them to do their job. Front license plates are often caught on traffic cameras and used to spot stolen vehicles, or cars flagged in an Amber Alert. 
If passed, registration fees would stay the same, but you might notice improved driving conditions. A representative from the Iowa DOT says the money saved would go directly back to the road use tax fund.