Iowa State’s Montgomery overcoming obstacles to reach NFL dreams


Iowa State’s David Montgomery has been one of the main cogs in Matt Campbell’s program turnaround the past three seasons. But the running back is now off to the pros with an opportunity to showcase his skills at this week’s NFL Combine. 

“Sometimes you just live with what you have,” Montgomery said. “That’s what we do in Cincinnati, we just try to claw and scratch at what we can get at.”

The odds have never been in Montgomery’s favor growing up in a poor and broken home in Cincinnati.

“There’s been so many people in my life telling me I wouldn’t be able to get here or that I couldn’t do it,” Montgomery said. “I just kind of look and smile and thank God…I just like, yeah, I’m here now. I’m actually doing what I said that I’d do.”

And what he’s about to do is become the first Iowa State running back selected in the NFL Draft since Troy Davis in 1997.

“This has always been a dream for me,” Montgomery said. “It’s been 16 years for me as far as the dream.”

Montgomery comes here to the NFL Combine as one of the top five running backs in this year’s draft. He says he wants his story to inspire others to chance their dreams no matter the circumstances.

“You just gotta have the right mindset,” Montgomery said. “You can’t live to the standards that everyone else gives you, you have to create your own. I was able to create my own and still creating my own to try and live out my dream and give kids back at home hope.”

Something he’s not losing sight of even when he’s on the verge of making that childhood dream a reality.

“We have a couple guys starting to squirt out of Cincinnati, so it’s a blessing to be able to see those kind of guys and it’s a blessing to actually be here myself,” Montgomery said. “One of the few that are doing great.”

In addition to being a two-time all-Big 12 back at Iowa State, Montgomery is also an Eagle Scout and the first person from his family to go to college. He hopes he can add NFL running back to that list in late April. 

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