Is it, or is it not an emergency? Quad Citians react to Trump’s latest move for border wall funding


Dozens of protesters showed up in Davenport on this Presidents Day against the President’s latest controversial move.

It comes after Trump declared a national emergency on Friday for border wall funding. 

Quad Cities protesters joined thousands across the country to accuse the President of abusing his power by declaring a false emergency. 

Declaring an emergency means he can take money allocated for other programs and use it for the border wall.

Several groups showed up to the Metropolitan Community Church of the Quad Cities in Davenport to voice their concerns. 

One Human Family, Quad Cities Interfaith and QC Pride were a few of the many groups involved in the rally. 

These neighbors say the president is trying to promote a racist agenda by trying to build an anti-immigrant wall. 

Speakers talked about the impact building the wall would have on not only immigrants, but the environment, too.

They also say immigration is not a national emergency.

One Clinton woman says she’d like to see the President declare a national emergency on real issues.

“People in Flint still don’t have water. Climate change is a huge threat, those are real emergencies. Student loans, the crisis of student loans. These are things that are actual emergencies,” says Amber Bordolo.

Federal data indicates that customs agents arrested nearly 400,000 people at the U.S.- Mexico border during the 2018 fiscal year, which is more than in 2017 but less than in 2016. 

Supporters insist that immigration is an emergency. 

Local 4 News spoke with supporters who say it’s about controlling the problem. 

“Is it right that we have open borders and not have controlled immigration? Or should we have controlled immigration where we know who’s coming in, they’re very welcome to come in, we need immigrants. That’s the kind of immigration that President Trump and Republicans want,” says Drue Mielke, chair of the Rock Island County Republicans. 

Several groups like the ACLU and 16 states filed lawsuits to block  the Trump administration. 

They argue the President is using the declaration to bypass the constitutional authority of Congress to pay for the wall. 

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