‘It’s almost impossible to run from anymore’: Gunfire in Rock Island ends with arrest in Davenport


Neighbors are still feeling the shock from the chaos that broke out near 9th Street and 26th Avenue in Rock Island less than 24 hours earlier.

“All of a sudden I heard a ‘pow!’ like a gunshot pow,” said a neighbor, who asked to remain anonymous for safety concerns. “Before I could even get up from the side of my bed a car went screeking and a big ‘pow!’ like it hit something hard.”  

That’s what the neighbor says they heard during the inital shots fired call in Rock Island around 7:45p.m. Wednesday night.

According to police, the suspect, who police have now identified as 20-year-old Zaccheus Hayes, had rammed into another vehicle multiple times and then shot into it. Hayes then reportedly fled from the scene before police arrived.

“After that I was just so shook up because nothing like that had I experienced…not over here,” said the neighbor. “It’s almost impossible to run from anymore.”

Police spotted Hayes in the suspected vehicle a few hours later, around 10:30p.m. That’s when Hayes took off again, this time leading officers on a high-speed chase. 

According to an audio recording obtained by Local 4 News, Hayes reportedly led police across the Centennial Bridge into Davenport, at one point driving around 80mph. 

During the pursuit, Hayes also reportedly fled the wrong way down Brady Street, driving over 50mph. 

A short time later, police caught up to him near River Drive. Hayes then lost control of the vehicle and crashed into the Redstone parking garage in downtown Davenport. 

On Thursday, the neighbor in Rock Island says knowing her young grandson could’ve been caught in the crossfire is terrifying. They say normally at that time of night, their grandson would have been playing basketball outside with other neighborhood kids. 

“This time nobody was around playing ball and he was in the house and I’m so thankful for that.”

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