Jackson County Fair manager goes over ride safety protocol after Ohio incident

Recent events that have taken place during the Ohio State Fair, means taking a closer look at local fair safety measures.
Maquoketa’s Jackson County Fair receives their rides from Evans United Shows, a company that has been in existence since the late 1940’s
The machines are inspected by Evans United before they reach the fairgrounds.
“The state electrician goes with our electrician to make sure all of the electrical hookups are correct,” Jackson Co. Fair Manager Lanny Simpson says. “But, as far as mechanically, we have to trust that those inspections done periodically by the state, and when they come in from the state, are correct.”
Simpson says keeping fair goers safe during the week is top of mind for herself, and her staff. 
“Even to the point of making sure that people drink water when it’s too hot,” Simpson said. “People in my position, we’re always looking for the safety factors.”
Evans United Shows also provides equipment to the Mississippi Valley Fair, which is set to begin next week in Davenport.

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