We often hear about all the work happening on the Rock Island Arsenal but it has a lot more to offer than just employment. Local 4’s Emily Scarlett is practicing her shooting skills in this week’s edition of Inside the Gates and she’s not using a camera.

There is a gym on the Rock Island Arsenal. In fact, they have several sporting leagues.
Brandon Binns is the recreation specialist. He tells Local 4 News, “We do softball, basketball, co-ed volleyball, flag football, dodge-ball. We’re going to try and start of new one of team handball.”
The Rock Island Arsenal is more than just a place to work and by signing up for one of their sporting leagues, one of the perks, is you have access to some really nice sporting facilities.
“People have a good time, I think, mainly because it’s always kind of the same people playing different leagues so you kind of got that rivalry going,” says Binns.
Now they are looking to get some new involvement and anyone can sign up.
Binns says, “Off-island teams can participate in leagues. They just got to go through the proper background checks.”
Once you are in the clear, all you need are your skills. 
“You can participate in any league whether you’re an individual or have a team. You can sign up, we can always put you on a team.”
Just be sure to come ready to ball. 
“We’ve had some really good teams. A couple of guys have actually gone overseas and played pro so it’s a good, competitive league,” says Binns.
To sign up, just call: 309-782-5124