Jordan Catholic students learn about anti-bullying and kindness


Students at Jordan Catholic School learned about anti-bullying and kindness Friday morning.    

Kelsey Tainsh, who had a stroke at 15 while having a brain tumor removed for a second time, is a motivational speaker who overcame her struggles to become a world champion athlete.

She goes around to high schools, elementary schools and colleges trying to inspire students to embrace their differences.

She said her goal is to replace bullying with kindness.    

“Being different is hard especially in high school and middle school, if you don’t fit in you stand out,” Tainsh said. “That’s just a fact and that’s something we’re trying to change without realizing that our differences are the best things about us.”

“The reason I’m able to do that is because I walk into a gym or I walk up on stage and I’m physically different,” said Tainsh.

One student said the speech inspired her to help others.

“Bullying is a bad matter in this world because of digital bullying and other forms of bullying,” said Alexis Engels. “If you learn at a younger age it’s easier to just now do it and be kind to everyone.”

Tainsh has traveled around the world speaking to children as young as kindergarten age.
She goes to companies talking to older adults as well.

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