Video showing the moments prosecutors said Logan Shoemaker drove a stolen garbage truck into Buffalo Police Chief T.J. Behning and his car.

It’s what jurors watched as the trial got underway.

The 21-year-old’s lawyer told the jury in his opening statement that Shoemaker is guilty of some of the five charges he faces but not attempted murder and willful injury.

The defense said Shoemaker didn’t intend to hit Chief Behning and lost control of the garbage truck when he crashed. His attorney added Shoemaker didn’t realize he hit the chief until told by arresting officers.

That crash has made for a long road to recovery for Chief Behning.

The state is arguing what ended with the crash was part of a series of events.

Witness Katie Hutchison said, “I didn’t know what to do, I was terrified for my life.”

Katie Hutchison said she allowed Logan Shoemaker to live with her but when she told him to leave, Shoemaker didn’t take it well.
The day before police said he crashed a garbage truck into Buffalo Police Chief T.J. Behning, prosecutors said he was driving into cars and smashing windows where Hutchison lived.
One neighbor took the stand to said when they saw Shoemaker attack Hutchison; Shoemaker pulled a gun.

Witness Joe Rutz said, “Our neighbor started yelling at him to leave her alone, and that’s when he raised his shotgun.”

Several officers took the stand and said every time they tried to pull Shoemaker, he would drive away, and their pursuit policy was clear they couldn’t chase after him because it wasn’t a specific type of felony.

Davenport Police Lt. Greg Behning said, “Our pursuit policy is based on a balance of public safety versus the need to apprehend somebody.”

Davenport Police Lieutenant Greg Behning, who’s a cousin of T.J. Behning said after seeing an escalation on Sunday, department leadership decides to make an exception for Shoemaker on Monday, just hours before he led officers on a chase through four jurisdictions. 
While on that chase, prosecutors said Shoemaker crashed into a garbage truck and then stole it.
That driver also took the stand sharing his experience.

Republic Services driver Justin Ridgway said, “His hands were on me trying to pull me out, and I’m trying to push him back out. He’s just ‘get out, get out, get the *!! Out. I’ll kill you get out.'”

From there, he drove through Blue Grass, missing spike strips that placed on the road and is seen on dashcam video jumping out of the garbage truck and police said he was taken into custody without incident.

Chief Behning is expected on the stand Tuesday.