Kids in Crisis: A Local 4 News special report

Kids in Crisis, School Safety

Local 4 News is taking an ongoing look at Kids in Crisis, going beyond the incidents in search of answers. We’re diving into the issues facing teens — and even younger kids — in the Quad Cities.

Kids in Crisis: Emotional Health

Teens today deal with more day to day issues and distractions. 

Social media, pressure to succeed and the seemingly inability to “unplug” is leading to emotional stress. 

Too many times that stress leads teens and even younger children to take drastic measures. 

Our kids are in crisis, and many times, their desperation ends in death.

Local 4’s Mike Mickle sits down with area teens to hear what they are thinking and feeling. 

It’s a discussion you’re only going to hear here. 

Where you can call for help

Help is available if you or your child is suffering from depression and need some attention.

Vera French
On call 24 hours

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 
On call 24 hours 

Genesis Community Crisis Line
On call 24 hours
(563) 421-2975 

Kids in Crisis: Juvenile crime

2018 QC stolen vehicle map

The above map is interactive overview of the vehicles that have been stolen in Rock Island, Davenport, Moline and Bettendorf in 2018. Each city’s information varies based on the information provided by each police department. We will be updating it as we gather more information. The data shown here was acquired as a result of several FOIA requests and is updated for all cities through April 10.

Expanded coverage

Local law enforcement planning new approach to combat juvenile crime
From the streets to the beat: Scott County deputy shares his story
RI County juvenile delinquents sent to Knox County

Full interview: Captain Brent Biggs

Captain Brent Biggs of the Davenport Police Department’s Street Crimes Unit has a lot more to say about juvenile crime in the Quad Cities. Above is the full interview. 

Kids in Crisis: School safety

Pleasant Valley students hope to start dialogue with walkout

Some students stay behind during National Walkout Day

Glenview students learn about what they’re walking for

Jordan Catholic students learn about anti-bullying and kindness

LIVE UPDATES: April 20, 2018 student walkouts

Student walkouts are happening across the Quad Cities.

While high school students are leaving their buildings and speaking, some elementary schools have also organized anti-bullying events for today and taken different approaches.

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