Young bargain hunters got a day to remember in LeClaire, including getting to meet their hero.

It was at a kid-pickers-only flea market, on Front Road, Saturday, June 30. The summer heat didn’t stop kids from finding their own hot deals. Aspiring pickers came from across the country to work on their craft.

“American Pickers” personality, Mike Wolfe, owns “Antique Archaeology” in LeClaire. He got the day going with encouragement to the kids. Ever since his show made it big on television, parents have been teaching kids the art of getting that next great bargain.

“Some of these kids have been doing this, since they’ve started watching American Pickers,” said Emily Gwin, Antique Archaeology Store Manager. “Or maybe they were born into it. They’re family’s a collector, they’re dad’s a collector. So some of these kids, this is what they love.”

It takes garage sale hunting to another level. For some young collectors, their hard work is paying off.  

“When I was at a yard sale. I found a brief case, and it was a really cool brief case,” shared 9th grade picker Gavin Kelley. “I didn’t know what was in it at the time. but it had these pockets in the briefcase. And I ended up opening it after I bought it and there was 60 dollars worth of gold in it.”

Dozens of these little bargain hunters from around the nation got to have some fun, and test their skills. Not just to show off their best finds, but also to get some practice setting up their very own pop-up store.

“I just get really excited to see how dedicated the kids are; I love looking at their signs. We have some kids with handmade items. And just to see the passion, they’re like little entrepreneurs. Them seeing the possibilities of what most think is garbage is just really exciting,” said Emily.

And after all of the hunting to make a treasure out of another’s trash, it’s time to buy.

“I love checking in on the kids. And I love seeing the excitement. But I also cannot wait to spend money,” Emily said.