Lawmakers to remain in Springfield over Memorial Day weekend


It may be a holiday weekend, but some people in Springfield are going to work over the holiday. 

As Illinois appraoches nearly 700 days without a budget, both the house and senate will have session on Memorial Day. 

The house will be in Sunday to host serveral commitee hearings. 

One item on the agenda will be the senate budget that only democrats passed with a big focus on their tax hike. 

House democrats are forming their own budget propsal. 

So far no republicans are discussing a backup plan.

“We stand behind much of Governor Rauner’s proposals. If we don’t get structural reforms then we don’t need to have this budget discussion yet,” said Rep. Jeanne Ives, (R – Wheaton) 

“Put the pen to the paper and draft a budget and vote on the budget and pass it, so when I say I want an open mind this is the way the process works,” said Rep. Robert Martwick, (D – Chicago) 

The senate will have Sunday off, but will be back on Monday. 

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