Local 4 Exclusive: Video shows big teen brawl


Things looked a little different at Moline High School Thursday. 

There were a few more police officers outside the building and a lot of empty seats inside the classrooms. 

A threat circulated on Snapchat overnight after shots were fired during a fight yesterday afternoon. 

Local 4 News got a hold of those messages. 

We’ve edited out some of them. 

They read: “Don’t go to school tomorrow,” “The gang and the shooter will be there and will try to shoot” and “My life was at risk tonight,” in reference to the shooting near Avenue of the Cities last night. 

The student goes on to say, “I’ve never felt so misplaced and scared in my life.” 

Snapchat video shows another fight outside McDonald’s on Avenue of the Cities.

It’s footage you’ll only see on Local 4 News. 

The student who shared it says the fight happened on Tuesday.

You can see more than a dozen students watching at least two getting into a fist fight. 

Another fight the next day, Wednesday, ended in gunfire and a warning on Snapchat for students not to come to school on Thursday. 

It was enough for several students to skip class.  

But many still attended, saying they felt safe at school.

“A lot of my friends didn’t come to school actually because they were worried, only a couple of them were there. In the cafeteria, there were a whole bunch of open seats,” says freshman Banyan Long.

“Threats happen all the time, [United Township] had threats. It just happens everywhere. I just felt like, why not attend school just because of a threat a child made?” says junior Ganea Bogguess. 

Bogguess also says Snapchat is a form of cyber-bullying that escalates the fighting. 

She says the threats often start out screen-to-screen until they spill out onto the streets. 

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