Local 4 News investigates: Bed bug problem may have been going on for years


We’re following up after we told you Wednesday night about a Davenport woman’s complaints about bed bugs at the Summer Ridge Apartments.

Now, Local 4 News is learning the problem might have been going on for years– And in more than one building there. 

Another woman says she lived in another building in the complex back in 2012 and started experiencing the same bed bug problem in 2015 after tenants moved in below her.

She’s outraged to see that it’s still going on.

“I was absolutely horrified because it was just like reliving it all over again,” she says.

A nightmare that came back to the Davenport mom after seeing our story.

“My heart bleeds for these people. I know exactly what they went through.” 

She asked to stay anonymous but wanted to share her own experience. 

“Management refused to believe that there was a problem until I actually picking the bugs up and putting them in a container and I would set them on her office desk,” she says. 

The woman says management claimed to treat the problem in-house with sprays but it didn’t work. 

“It became so infested that I would wake up with the bugs crawling on my face.” 

Finally, she decided to sue. 

“Damages for all the furniture that I lost, the pain and suffering, the money that I spent in laundering.”

She won the full judgment of about $5,000 and says she can’t believe others are still finding themselves the same nightmare.

“You’re still treating people this way, even though you know you’ve been convicted. You’re guilty, how are you still getting away with this?”

Now, this woman has a message. 

“I want people to know that there’s help out there. You can get vindication for what you’re going through.” 

She’s encouraging others to speak up.

“They need to say something. I think they all need to rally together because it’s not just going to take one, it’s not just going to take two or three.” 

And to take action. 

“Take pictures, take video, keep a journal, keep your receipts of any money that you spend, even if it’s $5 at the laundromat, save it. Because if you do end up going to court, it’s going to benefit you.” 

And she wants leaders to take care of their citizens. 

“Why hasn’t anybody such as the city inspected these apartment buildings? Why isn’t anything getting done?”

The former renter says she contacted Iowa Legal Aid for help.

You can reach out by clicking here.

If you find yourself dealing with a situation like this you can contact Illinois Legal Aid by clicking here.

Several of you contacted us about your experiences with Summer Ridge, so we took a closer look at its  records.

We found that the woman we spoke with Thursday isn’t the only one who’s won a lawsuit against the complex.

In 2013, a woman took management to small claims court for $250. 

She won about $83 of that back. 

In May of this year another woman won $800.

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