Local 4 News is testing the waters

Local 4 News is testing the waters

All week Local 4 News has been at the Mississippi and Rock Rivers tracking the rising flood waters. 

While we were wading through the waters, we saw others do the same. That made us wonder how safe it is to do.

So as the rivers continue to rise, we’re going deeper to find out how clean the water is. 

We took samples from six different locations: the Wapsi River near Long Grove, Duck Creek and LeClaire Park in Davenport, as well as Butterworth Parkway and North and South Shore Drives in Moline.

Then we gave those sample to the experts at QC Metallurgical Lab. President Todd Bloodsworth will spend the next day creating cultures that reveal how much bacteria is in the water. However, he said he already knows one thing for sure: these samples contain E. coli. 

“The question is going to be how much,” Bloodsworth said.

That’s a question we’ll answer for you tomorrow night on Local 4 News.

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