A Quad Cities teenage girl found a way to give back to her peers.

Rock Island High School senior Asrielle Allen is helping create leaders with her group Girls Leading the Way. 

She founded the group last August to teach girls about different leadership skills and about themselves. “I feel like if they better know themselves, they can better lead in the future with whatever they’re doing.”

Girls Leading the Way began as part of her Girl Scout gold award project – something not only to impact the school, but also the community.

Asrielle started with a group of 20 girls for what was supposed to be a one-time leadership conference for 9-to-12 year old girls, but then decided to keep it going.

“We love what Asrielle’s done,” says Girl Scouts communications coordinator Maura Werner. “She’s taken those foundations of the Girl Scout program of learning leadership skills and taken that role to her peers, and getting them involved.”

“Learning how we learn, how we work together as a group, how you work with others, and how you can lead – we’re taking all those into consideration. We’re learning about all those different things,” says Asrielle.

Asrielle starts each meeting with a team building exercise. It’s something that lets the girls know one another as well as their strengths, and it’s something that will stick with them for the rest of their lives.”

She believes the girls will take away a sense of accomplishment. “We’ve done a lot in this group. Each has had a chance where they stepped up and lead, and they did it – they pulled it off.”

“Throughout her Girl Scout career, she has always given back to the community,” says Werner, “I think this is a great way to finish up her adolescence and move into college, and I know that she’ll be making the world a better place no matter where she goes.”

Asrielle Allen is one of Local 4’s Finest. 

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