Laundry is a chore many of us may dread, but it’s also a task that can be overlooked.

That’s why for two years, Laundry Love QC has provided free help to those who need it.

“We wanted something where we could interact with people and get to know their stories and get to know what it’s like to live life in their shoes the best we could.”

Brandon Carleton and a group of twenty-somethings chose to provide free laundry to those who have fallen on hard times because it is a need people don’t often think about. 

He says each trip could set a family back $50.

“It’s easy for laundry to fall off the bottom of the list as for what to spend money on when you have to choose between laundry and medicine for your kid,” says Carleton.

Abdul Azeez is one of some twenty families at this Rock Island laundromat getting their clothes cleaned for free every month.

A majority of the families helped in the past 24 months are refugees escaping the violence in Iraq and Africa.

They’re safer now, but much poorer – starting over from scratch in a new country.

Abdul Azeez moved to Rock Island from Iraq.

“I’m working, I’m the only one working in my family helping my family. I really appreciate them helping us with the laundry.”

Long-time residents here agree this is good for the neighborhood.

“So it’s good,” says Duane Lewis. “It’s like at this time the country is divided, it’s bringing people together. So it’s a good thing.”

Carleton says, “we expected to give people free laundry and for them to be on the benefiting end of it and it didn’t take long two to three months to realize we were on the benefiting end of it.”

Making the newest members of the community feel welcome, Laundry Love QC is one of Local 4’s Finest.

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Laundry Love QC does free laundry on the first Wednesday night of the month.

It has locations on both sides of the river in Rock Island and Davenport, and is always looking for donations and volunteers.

For more information, check out Laundry Love QC’s facebook page.