A crossing guard in Rock Island is going above and beyond – doing more than just making sure kids cross the street.

“Everyday he waves to me, and I make sure I wave back to him,” says 6th grader Aneesa Saldivar. “He just makes my day brighter so I decided to brighten up his day.”

Sam Fulton has been a crossing guard for a year and a half.

He stands at 25th Street and 16th Avenue in Rock Island, a couple blocks away from the Center for Math and Science.

Natasha Rogers and her daughter Aneesa start their day right here. 

“Every day you see him waving, people waving back, honking, just wanted to make sure he knows we appreciate it,” says Rogers.

She posted a picture to Facebook.

It shows Aneesa giving Sam a breakfast sandwich and orange juice one morning as a thank you for being here every day for the kids. 

His response: “thank you so much, study hard, and have a blessed day.” 

Rogers says, “it feels really good because it’s positive reinforcement, feedback. The kids needs to hear that nowadays.”

“It makes me feel good because it makes me feel like he cares about my learning and how my day goes,” says Aneesa.

Sam felt overwhelmed by the gesture. 

The life-long Rock Island resident learned as a kid that a wave says a lot about a person, and he’s been waving ever since.

“There are people I see every day that don’t wave,” says Sam, “but yet one of these days, they’ll wave.”

For encouraging our future leaders, Sam Fulton is one of Local 4’s Finest.

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