There are new developments in a controversy that started over the weekend at QC Pride Fest.

Organizers say the owner of the 11th Street Precinct Bar and Grill yelled homophobic names at them. Now the owner, John Wisor, is has released a statement apologizing: 

As the owner of the 11th Street Precinct Bar and Grill, a businessman and resident of the Village of East Davenport, and resident of the city of Davenport, I am sorry that a shadow was cast over the events of Street Fest in the Village of East Davenport this past weekend. What was to be a celebration of inclusiveness became a show of divisiveness and misunderstanding. Admittedly, frustrations of feeling uninformed and excluded turned into some regrettable words and actions. For that, I deeply apologize to those whom I have offended. It is my hope that we are able to put these events of the past weekend behind us and that we can move forward, together.

As a gesture of good will, I will be immediately donating one thousand dollars ($1,000) to each of five (5) Quad Cities area charities. Those charities are The Project of The Quad Cities, The SMB Foundation for Families, King’s Harvest, the Jared Box Project, and The River Music Experience (RME). Additionally, I will be making a yearly donation of five thousand dollars ($5,000) to a local charity or charities. The recipient(s) will be announced each year on June 3.

The events of this past weekend have served to open a dialogue directed to the understanding of different life views among members of our community. I hope that we are all able to continue this dialogue in a positive and civil manner and that we can move to more inclusiveness and acceptance.

The staff at the 11th Street Precinct and myself have always strived to make our place welcoming to ALL and we will continue to welcome the diverse humans who come to be together, who come to celebrate, who come to enjoy life. ALL ARE WELCOME HERE.

That apology came hours after Davenport police released body camera footage of an officer talking with Wisor, who is saying the port-a-potties from Pride Fest are too close to his building. 

“I don’t have to live in this s***hole. I’ve got enough money to move anywhere I f****** want. I want to do something nice down here and this is the s*** I get?” Wisor tells the officer in the video. “Because they take it up the a** they can do whatever the f*** they want?”

Bill Sheeder says he never expected to hear hateful words when he volunteered his restuarant Baked to host QC Pride Fest.

“[I was] disgusted,” he said about the remarks. “I don’t know how else to put it.”

The incident was disappointing to Sheeder and his fiance. 

“We had conversations honestly about just selling the business. That’s how upset we were.”

Three local bands have canceled shows there. One of them is smooth groove.

“I’m 64 years old. I’ve seen riots. I’ve seen this. I’ve seen that … It’s all about hate,” said Ruben Sierra, who plays the drums in Smooth Groove. “We don’t need that.”

The band had tried for years to play at the 11th Street Precinct and finally played two earlier this year. Now they’ve canceled their third one, but Sierra said he would be willing to give Wisor a second chance.

“Now that he’s apologized and everything,” Sierra said. “As long as he knows the error of his ways and giving donations, why not?”

Others say they won’t be so quick to move on. 

“That just speaks to it right there,” Sheeder said about Wisor’s comments on the body camera footage. “True colors are finally out there.” 

Local 4 and Fox 18 News reached out to a spokesperson for Wisor, but Wisor did not wish to appear on camera for an interview.