Local barber battles cancer for the second time


Juan Vasquez is diagnosed with cancer for the second time.He’s made many friends in the community as a barber for ten years. His childhood friend, and owner of New Style Barbershop, Miguel Rosas is lending a hand.

“I’ve known juan since i was probably 10 years old,” says Rosas.

A pair of clippers brought New Style Barbershop owner Miguel Rosas and Juan Vasquez even closer.
Rosas considers him a brother.When he heard Vasquez was diagnosed with cancer for the second time, it hit him to his core.

“It makes you think about when you have a close friend like that you don’t realize in life especially when you get to certain ages like how important close friends or close family members are to you.”

Vasquez has also been a back bone at the barbershop. Not only for Rosas but his colleagues too.

“Juan is usually the first one here in the morning and he’s the last guy here at night,” says Greg Woods, barber at New Style Barbershop.

Vasquez was diagnosed with testicular cancer back in February, unable to work as much.
On Sunday, the Rosas and Vasquez families held a benefit in his name to offset medical expenses. But it’s more than that.

“It’ll also show him much love and support he has so its good to just keep his spirits up,” shares Rosas.

Hundreds of people from the community came out to show their support. The Vasquez family say it hasn’t been easy but the love they’ve received is something they’ll never forget.

“We thank all the community all family friends that he has. I really appreciate it,” shares Vasquez’s sister Agelica Gonzalez.

For Rosas, it reminded him what the most important things in life are.

“Sometime we’re just focused on making money and working hard and you forget about just calling your friends daily send texts messages even if its just a funny meme or something.”

To help out Juan Vasquez, click on his GoFundMe page here

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