Local contractor helps Bettendorf man after he was ripped off


A Bettendorf man was out thousands of dollars and a shed after he says the contractor he hired ripped him off. But thanks to the kindness of a complete stranger he got some much needed help. 

“When it comes to home repairs, Mike Kleinsmith has to have trust in whoever does the work. 

“They’re fantastic guys. Very knowledgeable, very skilled,” said Mike Kleinsmith who was ripped off. 

But it wasn’t always that way, until one contractor changed that. 

“I had hired a gentleman last summer to build a woodshop. A 24 by 20,” said Kleinsmith.

He found Tim Alan Coker on Craigslist who immediately captured his interest. 

“Hires homeless vets, gets them off the streets. I thought that was pretty cool,” said Kleinsmith.

But in the end…

“He gave me a price and needed half down. I gave him $8000 for that and $1500 when concrete work got done. I paid him upfront,” said Kleinsmith. “None of it got done, the guy just bolted. When I started complaining he quit contacting me back, he just quit showing up. Wondering if it was ever going to get done, how was I going to recoup the money.”

James Reans heard about the situation and stepped up to help. 

“After he was taken for that money we offered services for free,” said James Reans, a local contractor who wanted to help. “So anytime you see something bad that happens in your trade or in your line of work, it hits home. It hits you so you try to so whatever you can to remedy that. “

It could’ve been a job that brought Reans big bucks, but for him it was about much more than money. 

“It kind of hit me because it’s happened to us before,” said Reans. “I had no way to get ahold of this guy. I end up paying everything twice again and saw this story and hoped to keep him from doing the same thing.”

Kleinsmith says despite the headache at first, he’s thankful for it leading to Reans.

“This guy is good. Look at the job he did, look at the kind of person he is. He’s willing to step forward and say hey lets correct a bad thing,” said Kleinsmith.

Reans and his crew finished the shed in a week earlier this month. We reached out to Coker, but have yet to receive a comment.

If you’d like to contact James you can click here.

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