The devastation from Hurricane Harvey has prompted people here in the Quad Cities to take action.

The Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center” is making a push for blood donations.

Officials said anything that is not needed here can be sent to Texas.

The American Red Cross has sent at least 10 volunteers from the Quad Cities to Texas since Thursday.

They plan to send more and said their efforts won’t stop anytime soon.

“We’re just sending every resource we can to help in that response effort,” Red Cross regional communications director Trisha Burnett said. “It’s going to be a long response and we’re there for the duration, so… doing everything we can to help. You know, time will tell how long and how big it becomes, but for now we’re just focused on helping as many people as we can there on the ground.

The local Red Cross chapter said all donations are welcome. Officials said financial donations can make the most impact.

While volunteers will need materials down the line — right now they don’t have a place to store those items in Texas. We’ve got information on how you can donate to the relief effort on our website our Quad Cities.

To contact the local chapter of the Red Cross, click here.