Local man answers God's call to serve up a meal on Christmas day

A Moline native is answering the call to help everyone in the Q-C enjoy a meal on Christmas day.

Aaron Brown says he was at church one day when he received a special message to set up a Christmas meal.

For six years, brown has organized the Sonya Brown Memorial Christmas Dinner. His goal is to make sure no one is alone on Christmas and to provide a meal for anyone in need.

Aaron Brown is making his list and checking it twice.

He may have a beard like Santa Claus, but he's not leaving presents under your Christmas tree.  Instead, he's making sure people are fed.

"Six weeks before Christmas six years ago I was sitting in church and god spoke to my heart that he wanted me to do a dinner on Christmas," said Christmas meal organizer Aaron Brown.

It's a message he knew he couldn't refuse.

"I was in shock because I had been out of work I couldn't afford to do anything like this. If this is what you want me to do I don't know how to do it. He said I’ll provide,” said Brown.

Brown has been able to provide a home cooked meal to hundreds of people over the last six years.

His goal? To make sure no one is alone on Christmas.

"If we cook all this food and one person eats, it's worth it all," said Brown.

But he's not taking all the credit for it.

"It's never an I thing, it's a we thing," said Brown.

He has a whole crew backing him up, starting with his family.

"At first I didn't like it, but now it's more family time, more memories and it's really fun," said Aaron’s son Fayne Brown.

"Go around and see if they're alone or not and if they are, I can sit with them and yeah and chat,” said Aaron’s son Algen Brown.

Even grandma pitches in with her famous dinner rolls.

"We like to do something for anybody, I think it's wonderful that they're doing it,” said Grandma Mary Newton.

The brown family may do Christmas a little differently than others, but they say it's a new normal for them.

"This is not a sacrifice for our family, this is a blessing,” said Aaron’s wife Vicky Brown. "We just have to shuffle things around we have to do things differently. We still get Christmas, it's just different than it use to be. It's just not on 12/25."

More importantly, it's the call brown is happy to answer.

"I can't think of another way to spend Christmas," said Brown. "The true meaning of Christmas is coming through, we're following through what god asked me to do."

The dinner will take place on Christmas day at faith walk world outreach center in Silvis. Doors will open at 11 A.M.


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