13-year-old Whittney Wilk-Allen was missing from her home in Garrison, Iowa, for three days before authorities found her near Milwaukee, Wis.

Whittney Wilk-Allen (contributed photo)

Law enforcement confirmed with Local 4 News on Thursday that Whittney was found in Wisconsin (286 miles east of her home) along with a suspect. Her family is on the way to get Whittney and bring her back home to Garrison, Iowa. The suspect is now in custody in Milwaukee County Jail.

Garrison, Iowa is located northwest of Cedar Rapids.

“We woke up for school Monday morning. I called her, she didn’t answer me,” her mother Khristina Wilk told Local 4 News. “I sent her little brother upstairs to get her. And he came down and said she was gone.”

Wilk and her brother, Thomas, searched hard for Whittney, using any resources they could.

“I’m willing to give my sister every dollar I got. I got $300 to my name. She’s getting every bit of it,” Thomas Wilk said.

Wilk says neighbors witnessed Whittney enter a silver or gray SUV early Monday morning. The family didn’t hear anything from Whittney until Wednesday, when they had a brief conversation reassuring her family she was fine. But she didn’t turn on the location on the phone she was using. And then she hung up the phone quickly while talking low the whole time.

Khristina Wilk says Whittney did not take anything with her – except her mother’s cell phone – when she got in the SUV.

“She’s only 13. She looks a lot older. She portrays herself as a lot older. But she’s still a little girl,” Wilk says.

Iowa deputies led the investigation into Whittney’s disappearance in partnership with Milwaukee Police.

“I just know the more time goes on, the less likely there’s a good outcome,” Wilk said. “I looked for my phone (using Google) and it said it was by the side of an interstate in Wisconsin.”

On Wednesday. when the family finally spoke with Whittney, she tried telling them that she was at a family home in Cahokia, Ill., just outside the St. Louis area, family members told Local 4 News.