After 20 seasons and 145 wins, Geneseo’s Head Football Coach Larry Johnsen has stepped down.

He led his alma mater to a fabulous 145-67 record in those decades as head coach – that’s just one win shy of the school 146.

He talked about his decision.

“I try to be a family-first guy,” he said. “My daughter, Lauren, she goes to Cornell College right now and she plays volleyball, and my wife was going to the games by herself during the week. It was hard on me.”

“But I had Luke here as a player,” he said. “So you know I was fully invested in anything on the weekends. When I did go to her games, you know I was there physically, but I wasn’t there mentally because I had a lot of things on my mind.”

“I always thought that if you have too many priorities, you don’t have any,” Johnsen said. “So I know what my priorities are, I think, right now. So that’s my responsibility, that’s my job, is dad and husband, and that’s why I made this decision.”