$20,000 reward for Corey Harrell Jr. murder case to expire soon

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Crime Stoppers of the Quad Cities says a $20,000 reward will expire for a high-profile murder case soon. 

Corey Harrell Jr. was shot to death in his car in October of 2018. Police say the killers started shooting at Harrell on River Drive and didn’t stop until he was dead in his car on Seventh Ave in Moline. 

No one has been charged after almost two years. Police say it’s been difficult getting information. 

They want anyone with information to come forward to help the family find closure.

Detective Jon Leach says, “It was quite crowded that day. It was 10 in the morning, and a lot of people out. If you happened to have seen something minor that you believe the police wouldn’t care about, contact us. Even the small details, once we put it together, can help us complete the puzzle. So, anyone with any information out there, we encourage them to call. Not just for the money, but to also give the family some closure.”

The $20,000 reward expires next month. 

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