3 jailed after violent Saturday-night robbery at Davenport apartment complex

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A man and woman from Davenport, along with a Des Moines man, are being held in Scott County Jail after another man was injured during a robbery Saturday night at a Davenport apartment complex.

Antwone Desean Morgan, 34, and Alma Susanna Diaz, 37, both of Davenport; along with Robert Jermaine Johnson, 37, of Des Moines; face second-degree robbery charges in connection with the incident at Breckenridge Apartments, 4323 N. Division St.

Here’s what happened, according to official documents:
In her black Mercury Mariner, Diaz drove Morgan and Johnson to the complex about 7:30 p.m. Saturday.

Johnson approached a victim and swung his fist at him. The punch missed, and the victim fell to the ground. Morgan and Johnson “repeatedly punched and kicked” the victim’s face and body while he was on the ground, and the victim suffered injuries to his face and right eye.

All three suspects appeared early Sunday before Judge Meghan Corbin in Scott County Court, with each defendant appearing individually via a video screen and speaking remotely to the judge.

Second-degree robbery is a Class C felony, which carries a penalty of up to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $13,600, Corbin explained to each defendant.

Bond for Johnson and Morgan is set for $10,000 cash, while Diaz has a secured bond of $10,000.

Johnson, who said he has four children, questioned the bond. “So I need $10,000 cash?” he asked the judge. “I can’t have my family call a bondsman?”

“What’s a good phone number to reach you at?” Corbin asked him. “Here,” he said before Corbin explained she asked in case he bonds out.

Diaz, who said her daughter is 7, began to cry when Corbin told her bond was set at $10,000. “I’m not gonna bond out,” Diaz said on her way out of the session.

A secured bond means the debt is secured by collateral, such as property or some other asset. A cash bond means payment must be in cash. The preliminary hearing for all three is set for 10:30

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