When gunfire breaks out, it’s dangerous for not only the people involved, but also the men and women who protect and serve.

This weekend, we’re diving deeper into the circumstances of six recent shootings.

Last night, we took a look back at three of those cases where officers pulled the trigger. that included a September incident at a Bettendorf home daycare, where a man was holding a knife to a 4-year old’s throat.

An officer shot the man dead, freeing the child from harm.

Tonight, we’re focusing on three more. One of them was a deadly shooting at a Rock Island convenience store this week where 25-year-old DeShawn Tatum was killed, and three officers were injured.

We’ve seen more and more recently just how dangerous the life of those in law enforcement can be. In the last year, there have been multiple instances where an officer has had to use deadly force when on a call.

In 2021, there have been three instances where an officer had to shoot someone. Two of those ended up being fatal. The first was the morning of Super Bowl Sunday in Bettendorf, where offices responded to a domestic disturbance.

Police say everyone involved was gone when they arrived, but they received a report of a suspicious car that matched the description from the earlier call. Investigators say a woman in the car said the driver threatened to kill her, which is when he pulled out a gun, so police opened fire and killed 49-year-old Brian Scott.

A few weeks later Davenport police responded to an armed robbery in the morning. There were no signs of a robbery at the time. Later in the day they identified a car that matched the description at the Walgreens parking lot at Kimberly and Division streets.

Police say Clarence Washington, the suspect. tried to take off, but got his vehicle stuck on a snowbank. That’s when police say Washington and an officer opened fire, which became a scary situation for those nearby.

“I realized that there was gunfire and then you go to the window and you see all the cop cars. I decided not to go down because again clearly 14 or 15 police cars – you knew that there was a serious situation going on.”

The car Washington was in was riddled with more than a dozen bullet holes.

“No one wants to experience violence and no one wants to experience violence this close to their home.”

This past week in Rock Island, police chased a suspect to a gas station where investigators say he hijacked a car and dragged officers. As officers tried to remove the man from the car, he backed into the gas station, which is when police say officers fired their weapons, which resulted in the death of 25-year-old DeShawn Tatum.

“This whole block was shut down. There was caution tape. I wasn’t allowed to leave. My friend was at work and I had to go pick her up.”

“She had to end up finding a different ride because I couldn’t get out and the whole block over here was just swimming with police cars. I mean it was backed up.”

The officers in the Bettendorf and Davenport shootings were cleared after the use of force was deemed justified.

The officer involved shooting in Rock Island is still currently under investigation.