Each person who died from asphyxia in the partial collapse of an apartment building in downtown Davenport was found on a different day, according to death certificates obtained by Local 4 News.

Death certificates filed with the Iowa Department of Health and Services say the three men were killed in the partial collapse of a building at 324 Main St., Davenport.

Victims of the partially collapsed building in Davenport included (clockwise, from upper left) Branden Colvin Sr., Ryan Hitchcock and Daniel Prien, whose bodies were recovered from the site. (City of Davenport)

The collapse, which happened May 28, is referred to as an accident in the death certificates, which list the time each man was found:

  • Branden Colvin Sr., 42, was found at 11:59 a.m. June 3.
  • Ryan Hitchcock, 51, was found at 12:45 p.m. June 4.
  • George Prien, 60, was found at 2:30 a.m. June 5.

The cause of each death is listed as mechanical asphyxiation, which is when something – a force or an object – stops a person from breathing, or the position of the body prevents someone from breathing.

“Decedent recovered from collapsed building” and then cremated, the documents say.

The City of Davenport, landlord Andrew Wold, and several businesses face lawsuits in connection with the partial collapse of The Davenport apartment building.