37,000 absentee ballots to be mailed in Scott County

Local News
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Scott County Auditor and Commissioner of Elections, Roxanna Moritz, announced more than 37,000 absentee ballots will be mailed to Scott County voters on October 5. That date is in compliance with state law. Voters should expect to receive their ballots a week later.

A new, smaller envelope is being used this year to mail absentee ballots (see below). The new envelopes cost less money to produce and less money to mail. The decision sees the county approximately $8,050.

2020 Scott County Absentee Ballot

“I know many voters are anxious to receive their ballots based on the number of calls my staff has answered,” Moritz said. “I also know that multiple political groups have mailed multiple absentee ballot requests to voters, and in some case unnecessarily worried voters that something was wrong with their requests because they received so many forms,” she said. “Hopefully the multiple mailings will stop with the mailing of these ballots.”

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