Web Extra: Federal lawmakers push government shutdown to the brink once again

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Republicans pressure Democrats to raise debt ceiling on their own

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We didn’t have time on “4 the Record” to bring you all of our panel discussion.

We finish the conversation here about the fight in Washington DC about raising the debt ceiling. Democrats and Republicans on Capitol Hill are playing a game of political chicken we’ve seen before over the debt ceiling.

Democrats are pushing to raise it so the government can meet its obligations, pay the bills and keep the government running to avoid a shutdown.

They passed it in the House, but Senate Republicans won’t vote for it. They want to force Democrats to use the budget-reconciliation process.

Democrats have the power and votes to do it, but worry the time it takes could mean missing the deadline in mid-October that would prompt a government shutdown anyway.

We’ve seen that debacle in the past:

  • Social Security payments could stop.
  • Disaster relief to states could be delayed.
  • Money for food assistance programs could be put on hold along with school programs and more.

Both parties agree a default would be disastrous.

It’s clear Republicans want to put the pressure on Democrats because of their $3.5 trillion spending plan.

“This is the ultimate political ploy,” says Kevin Perkins, Democratic political consultant.

“We’re not going to throw the country into a recession,” says Drue Mielke, Rock Island County Republican chair.

Watch the video to see the conversation in full.

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