4th suspect arrested in connection with carjacking, bi-state chase

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A 28-year-old Milan man was behind bars Sunday after police say he was involved with three other suspects in a robbery that ended with a crash after a bi-state chase.

Ben Aaronson faces felony charges of first-degree robbery, conspiracy to commit a forcible felony and possession of a firearm by a felon. He was being held in Scott County Jail on a total $50,000 bond after he was arrested on a warrant.

Aaronson and his co-defendants agreed to rob a victim on Sept. 15, 2020. Aaronson was driving a silver Dodge Ram and the others were passengers, an arrest affidavit says.

Passengers were 33-year-old Kayla Crabb, of Clinton; 25-year-old Zachary Sisul, of Bettendorf; and 23-year-old Naytion Owens, of Rock Island.


Sisul and Owens approached a victim shortly before 2 p.m. at the QC Mart, 2620 Central Ave., Bettendorf, an arrest affidavit says.

Owens, Sisul

They struck and injured the victim on the back of the head with the butt of a handgun that Aaronson gave Owens. Once the victim was on the ground, Sisul and Owens continued to hit him while demanding his truck keys, an arrest affidavit says.

The victim told them the keys were in the truck. They took more than $160 in cash from the victim’s shorts pocket.

Sisul then got in the driver’s seat of the truck while Owens stayed with the victim, telling him “Stay down! Don’t move! I swear I’ll do it!”

As soon as Sisul started the truck and began to leave, Owens ran to the truck and got into the passenger seat, and they took off.  

Officers saw the stolen truck on Grant Street about to get on the Interstate 74 Bridge to head into Illinois.

When officers tried to stop the truck, it went on to the bridge and into Illinois.

After a pursuit in Moline, the victim’s truck crashed and Sisul and Owens ran. They were quickly caught.

After he was read his Miranda Rights, Sisul admitted he was involved but claimed that was only because he was afraid Owens would physically harm him if he didn’t help Owens.

The QC Mart security video shows Sisul and Owens just before the robbery happened. Security video shows Aaronson and the co-defendants together in the truck before the robbery.

Additional video shows Aaronson and Crabb following Sisul and Owens, who were in the stolen truck, until officers tried to stop it and began the pursuit.



Sisul pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit a forcible felony and was sentenced to 10 years, pleaded guilty to a charge of second-degree theft, and was sentenced to five years, and also pleaded guilty to a charge of eluding while participating in a felony, and was sentenced to five years, court documents say.

The sentences were suspended and he was placed on probation, pending good behavior, for three years unless his probation officer recommends sooner release.

He also was required to reside in and complete the Residential Corrections Facility program in Davenport and earn a GED.


Owens remains on $100,000 bond in Rock Island County Jail, where is on a hold for Scott County.


Krabb, who faces felony charges of conspiracy to commit a forcible felony and first-degree robbery, remains in Scott County Jail on a $25,000 bond. She is scheduled to appear in Scott County Court on June 3.


Aaronson, who has a felony conviction for possession of methamphetamine from January 2020, is scheduled to appear in Scott County Court on Friday and again May 25.

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