By MIKE MCGUIRE for Local 4 News

As the 2022 racing season starts to wind down the battle for points starts to intensify. For the first time this year all five drivers in victory lane were repeat winners.

Andy Nezworski scored his second Petersen Plumbing & Heating IMCA Late Model feature win of the season at Davenport. Andy took the lead from Gary Webb on lap 18, en route to the win. Fred Remley ran in the top five all race before finishing second. Jacob Waterman was the “big mover” of the race, starting 19th and finishing third.

Webb led sixteen laps and then held on to a fourth place finish with Bryce Garnhart taking fifth.

Eriksen Chevrolet IMCA Modifieds saw Matt Werner record victory number four on the season. The main was split into two races. Justin Kay led the first ten laps from the pole. On a lap eleven restart, Justin was spun from behind and brought out the caution flag again. Kay went to the back and would finish 14th.

On the second lap eleven restart, Werner went to the lead and would hold the top spot to the checkered flag. Travis Denning drove from mid-pack to finish second. Dustin Smith was involved in the second lap eleven caution, recovered to take third. Mitch Way and Tony VonDresky were fourth and fifth respectively.

Logan Veloz won his second straight IMCA SportMod feature. Veloz got the lead from Brandon Jewell right at the halfway point of the race. Down the stretch, Veloz held off Tyler Soppe to secure the win. Soppe was second with Ben Chapman third. Jewell held on to finish fourth with Jesse Bodin fifth.

Jeff Struck Jr. continued to terrorize the Koehler Electric Street Stock ranks. Struck captured his sixth feature win of the season and moved into a tie with the great Danny Kladis for ninth in all-time feature wins at Davenport Speedway. Landen Chrestensen and Jesse Owen battled hard for the second spot. Landen took the spot at the checkers with Owen close behind. Alex Pappas and Shad Murphy rounded out the top five.

Cyle Hawkins won both the heat and feature races in Sport Compact action. The victory was Cyle’s second of the season. Hawkins took the lead from Joe Zrostlik after a lap three restart. Shawn McDermott raced Hawkins hard for the win, but would settle for second. Michael Lundeen took third. Attrition took a toll in the Sport Compact main. Only three of the starters took the checkered flag.

Next up at Davenport Speedway will be the MARS DIRTcar Series on Tuesday, July 26th. Some of the best late model drivers in the country are expected at the Hoker 50 and compete for the $10,000 first place prize.

The 2021 MARS race at Davenport was selected as “Race of the Year” by Also racing will be IMCA Modifieds and Street Stocks. The MARS event is the final race at Davenport Speedway before the break for the Mississippi Valley Fair.


Davenport Speedway                                                                                                               

July 22, 2022 –

IMCA Late Models

Heat #1: 1. Andy Nezworski; 2. Fred Remley; 3. Ron Klein; 4. Luke Merfeld; 5. Colton Leal;

Heat #2: 1. Gary Webb; 2. Joe Beal; 3. Justin Kay; 4. Bryce Garnhart; 5. Tim Simpson;

Heat #3: 1. Matt Ryan; 2. Chuck Hanna; 3. Don Pataska; 4. Michael Leal; 5. Keith Haislip;

Feature: 1Joe Beal. Andy Nezworski; 2. Fred Remley; 3. Jacob Waterman; 4. Gary Webb; 5. Bryce Garnhart; 6. Justin Kay; 7. Matt Ryan; 8. Don Pataska; 9. Doug Burkhead; 10. Colton Leal; 11. Mack Mulvany; 12. Mike Haines; 13. Michael Leal; 14. Dustin Schram; 15. Chuck Hanna; 16. Luke Merfeld; 17. Ron Klein; 18. Tim Simpson; 19. Keith Haislip; 20. Joe Beal; 21. LeRoy Brenner;

IMCA Modifieds

Heat #1: 1. Bob Dominacki; 2. Justin Kay; 3. Mitch Way; 4. Matt Werner; 5. Mitch Morris;

Heat #2: 1. Jason Pershy; 2. Jeremy Gustaf; 3. Travis Denning; 4. Bryce Garnhart; 5. Eric Barnes;

Feature: 1. Matt Werner; 2. Travis Denning; 3.  Dustin Smith; 4. Mitch Way; 5. Tony VonDresky; 6. Bryce Garnhart; 7. Craig Crawford; 8. Mitch Morris; 9. Jeremy Gustaf; 10. Jason Pershy; 11. Charlie Mohr; 12. Stephan Kammerer; 13. Jon Coombs; 14. Justin Kay; 15. Eric Barnes; 16. Jake Whittington; (1-DQ) (2-DNS)

IMCA SportMod

Heat #1: 1. Jesse Bodin; 2. Aaron Hitt; 3. Todd Dykema; 4. Kasey Williams; 5. Don Hatfield;

Heat #2: 1. Logan Veloz; 2. Jake Morris; 3. Justin Schroeder; 4. Barry Bates; 5. Bryan Ritter;

Heat #3: 1. Brandon Jewell; 2. Cody Clausen; 3. Rayce Mullen; 4. Ben Chapman; 5. Ryan Reed;

Feature: 1. Logan Veloz; 2. Tyler Soppe; 3. Ben Chapman; 4. Brandon Jewell; 5. Jesse Bodin; 6. Kasey Williams; 7. Aaron Hitt; 8. Cody Clausen; 9. Barry Bates; 10. Rance Powell; 11. Rayce Mullen; 12. Todd Dykema; 13. Kevin Goben; 14. Bryan Ritter; 15. Justin Schroeder; 16. Broderick Prescott; 17. Ryan Reed; 18. Phil Anderson; 19. Jake Morris; 20. Randy Farrell; (2-DNS)

Street Stocks

Heat #1: 1. Jesse Owen; 2. Jeff Struck Jr.; 3. Shad Murphy; 4. Landen Chrestensen; 5. Dave Wadsager;

Feature: 1. Jeff Struck Jr.; 2. Landen Crestensen; 3. Jesse Owen; 4. Alex Pappas; 5. Shad Murphy; 6. Daron Oberbroeckling; 7. Dave Wadsager;

Sport Compacts

Heat #1: 1. Cyle Hawkins; 2. Joe Zrostlik; 3. Shawn McDermott; 4. Joe Lafrenz; 5. Michael Lundeen;

Feature: 1. Cyle Hawkins; 2. Shawn McDremott; 3. Michael Lundeen; 4. Joe Zrostlik; 5. Joe Lafrenz; 6. Chase Hixson; 7. Dustin Munn;