PDATE: The City of Davenport has confirmed the bodies of Brandon Colvin, Ryan Hitchcock and Daniel Prien were recovered at the site of the partially collapsed building in Davenport. For more on the story, click here.

(Clockwise, from upper left) Brandon Colvin, Ryan Hitchcock and Daniel Prien (City of Davenport)

UPDATE: Local 4 News has confirmed through the family that the body of Branden Colvin Sr. was recovered at the site of the partially collapsed building in Davenport on June 3.

Branden Colvin Sr. (City of Davenport)

Families and friends of loved ones believed to be trapped in the rubble of a partially collapsed downtown Davenport apartment building kept watch again Friday as crews continued work at the site.

Three men are believed to be trapped in the debris: Branden Colvin, Ryan Hitchcock and Daniel Prien. On Friday, crews continued search efforts.

Scanner traffic from Sunday night: The partial collapse

Scanner traffic takes us back Sunday night, when Davenport Police and Firefighters were called to the partially collapsed apartment complex known as The Davenport shortly after 5 p.m. Some of the radio traffic lets you hear what first responders faced in that first hour of the crisis:

The Davenport apartment building, located at 324 Main St., Davenport, sustained a partial building collapse May 28, 2023. (Brian Weckerly, OurQuadCities.com)
  • “Davenport Engine One, EMS accident fast track solo, the Davenport Landmark Apartments, three two four (324) Main Street. Units responding to the Landmark Apartments – fifth floor has caved in.”
  • “Considerable damage after water flow. We’re going to use PD to evacuate the building.”
  • “Truck One is all the way to the roof.”
  • “That gas smell is probably two thirds of the building, generally in the center. So far, we’ll go all the way up and work our way down.
  • “The roof is falling down on them.”
  • “I think our best bet of getting them out is going to be from this second-story roof area in the center of the building and laddering up to the apartment. We’re talking to the subject from the window. He’s saying that his apartment is completely blocked and he can’t get to the door so we’re going to have to make the rescue from the second floor roof with a ladder.”

To hear more, click on the video above.

We met the man who lived in Apartment 510 shortly after he was rescued. Robert Graham shared his story with us Sunday night.

“You know you have to think on your feet because I couldn’t get out,” he said. “The ceiling started cracking so what I did I took the couch, I put it on top of me and I was yelling out the window. And I called 911 and they came and got me out with the basket.

“Thank God for the fire department.”

Local 4 News will continue to provide updates as the search continues.