80 days later, Legends Corner plans to be an inside/outside icon

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Legends Corner in Milan is preparing to open its door after being closed for more than 80 days. It’s been a rough time for the business because it opened up last February, right before COVID-19 hit the Quad-City area.

“When we first opened we weren’t really able to have a whole year of normal business so we don’t know how we would have done or how we will do because of the pandemic,” said Miranda Johnson, Legends Corner Manager.

Without any business the past three months, they decided the time is now to get back open, because it was extremely difficult on everyone when they were closed.

“The bills don’t stop coming. You still have to pay the bills and with nothing coming in it’s hard and especially for the servers and the bartenders. You know they’re out of work.”

While they’ve been closed, Legends Corner has been busy with renovation while they geared up to open their doors back up. Among the new amenities will be a beer garden for customers to enjoy themselves outside.

“We want them to come in and feel comfortable and be able to enjoy their time here and still being safe. So they will be able to go outside and eat and drink and have the social distancing and we are looking to have a band here when it starts to get a little warmer.”

In addition to the beer garden, they’ve added an inside gaming area.

“We also have our gaming machines which we did not have when we first opened. It took some time for us to get them in and up and running, but they’re here now and ready for people to get on and play. We also have a gaming dart board that people can play as well.”

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