UPDATE: 84-year-old veteran evicted from his home: living in local hotel thanks to generous offer

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Monday afternoon on Local 4 News at 5 we aired the story of Norman Poppe, and the generosity shown since from the community has been outstanding. Countless people have called, emailed, or messaged us on social media to offer him places to stay, places to store his materials, give him food, and countless other selfless gestures.

UPDATE: Elderly and evicted: How you can still help 84-year-old veteran Norman Poppe keep warm

We’re happy to report that he will be staying in a hotel for the next couple weeks thanks to a caring viewer who was willing, like so many others, to help Norman out.

Tomorrow morning Norman’s niece will be setting up a GoFundMe page for anyone still looking to help. We advise to not fund any other GoFundMe pages for Norman, as the one he is directly tied to has not yet been set up. We will provide the link to the family-run go FundMePage as soon as we get it.

The wave of support that was shown for this man is truly what the Quad Cities community is all about, and why we’re proud here at Local 4 to call it home.

Thank you.

ORIGINAL STORY: A sad situation for a local man in his 80’s. He now finds himself homeless.

Norman Poppe is an 84-year-old Veteran who was evicted from his apartment in Davenport. He says he couldn’t pay his rent last month because his medical bills took his money.

Now he’s living in his van with his dog Charlie. That’s where he spent the last three nights.

“I just couldn’t pay last month’s rent so they said they would have to get rid of me, as the medical bills piled up I just knew it was going to be a rough time.” says Poppe.

A rough time he says it has been. He says one of the things that has been getting him through this difficult time is the experience he has while serving in the army.

“That helped. I have reclining seats so I can sleep over night, and I wrap me and my dog up in blankets.”

All of Poppe’s belongings were outside his apartment in boxes.

“The police brought a few men to come and move this out for me and all I had to do was watch it go,” he says.

He also has family here including his daughters, but he says they do not know about his current situation.

“I haven’t been in contact with them for the last few days. I leave a message on the tape machine but they don’t call back.” he says.

Surrounding Poppe were are his life possessions furniture, tools and pots, and pans that he will have to sort through himself.

“There’s a lot of clutter I have to go through, and then I’m going to travel to New Mexico as soon as I get my checks, in a couple of weeks.”

Poppe says he is doing okay, but as were speaking with him he became emotional about what’s going to happen from here.”

“Oh the changes — but I think I’ll enjoy the trip in a couple of weeks.

We have received several calls from some of you about how you can help. We are reaching out to multiple agencies, ans organizations to sort this out to help Poppe get the help he needs.

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