911 Dispatchers react to scenes involving first responders

Local News

Being a dispatcher is now tougher than it used to be thanks to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Dispatchers are the heroes behind the scene. They send police officers, fire fighters, and paramedics to dangerous situation. It’s always a scary time, but this past weekend became very tough because of an incident that involved one of their own.

“If it’s one of our own it’s definitely tough to dispatch so. They can sense it in our voice and our urgency, but we will give them the help as best we can just like anyone else.”

Hampton Police Chief, Terry Engles passed away this past weekend after an accident while in the line of duty. Dispatcher, Nick Jansen says that they treat every life the same way and get people help as soon as possible.

“Every life matters and we all care too so we just wanna do the best we can for our people here.”

It’s imperative to act as quickly as possible, but the goal is to get all the necessary information so that officers are protected on scene.

“Especially with shots fired calls and something involving weapons, we definitely take our time, make sure we have the location right, any suspect information. Just try to get as much… as best information as we can to protect our officers and everyone there.”

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