A bakery in Rock Falls is making a different kind of pie

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A bakery in Rock Falls is making a different kind of pie right now.

Folsom’s Bakery is struggling to stay afloat during the pandemic, so the owner is now making pizzas.

Jim Helle is the proud owner of Folsom’s Bakery and has been in business for 10 years, but his business has been hit hard due to the pandemic

“It’s been down quite a bit. We’re down probably a thousand a day,” said Helle. “Probably about six or eight months ago, I started playing around, trying to come up with another idea, and then I just kinda started playing around, doing the pizzas just to make some extra money.”

Gustavo Medrano was one of the first customers to try the pizzas.

“Doing a trial on pizzas, as he mentioned upfront, and one day, I happened to take one home and cook it for the kids, and I believe it was a hit at that time,” said Medrano.

The pizzas have been a big success that Helle usually sells out.

“There’s a lot of times (when) I run out of product, and it’s just nonstop. We just started doing it from 12:00 and on, and by 3:30, I was already out of dough and stuff, so every week, I keep upping it,” said Helle.

Medrano says having something like this in the area is great for the community.

“I think it’s good right now, especially with this whole pandemic going on. It’s something new that everyone can try,” said Medrano.

Helle makes the pizzas on Saturdays, but due to the community’s response, he’s thinking of making them on Friday as well.

Folsom’s Bakery is located at 319 1st Ave. in Rock Falls.

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